Soap Dispenser Project

Our initial project is raising money for vandal-proof soap dispensers and soap for student bathrooms throughout Ramona Unified School District.

Many people are surprised/shocked/dismayed to learn that many student bathrooms (especially at Ramona Elementary, Barnett, OPMS and Ramona High School)  do not have working soap/soap dispensers due to vandalism and lack of funds.

Washing your hands with soap , instead of water alone, after using the bathroom prevents the spread of fecal contaminant illness such as gastroenteritis, respiratory viral illness and Influenza, and skin infections such as MRSA. This is important to student health, and also is a factor in school absenteeism.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 for 100 nearly indestructible dispensers and a years worth of soap. Thanks very much to those that have donated so far. Much more is still needed.


UPDATE (12/17/14)

pix of the installer

Project: High School & Middle School – DONE!

The Soap Dispensers were installed at the Ramona High School and Olive Peirce Middle School, at a cost of $4,545.28 for vandal-proof dispensers with a year of soap per unit. Labor was donated at no cost by Plumber Greg Chick.

$1,426.00 were also dedicated toward faucet replacement.

In addition to addressing needs in other school restrooms, we will be test installing a trial electric hand dryer in order to ascertain whether this improves the sanitary condition of the restrooms. Paper towel littering of floors, clogging of toilets, etc. are a concern in all school restrooms, so we will see what the impact is before dedicating dollars toward installing them throughout the schools.

Local residents were shocked to discover that there was a lack of soap in their kids’ restrooms, due to vandalism and funding cut-backs. These measures by FORUS are a way to have a direct positive impact on the health and welfare of kids and staff in our schools.

To make a donation please see the Donate Page.