Leaky Roof Project


FORUS Roof Project Mascot ROOFUS with a donation canister.

The Leaky Roof Project in 2014 was a great success.  With the help of contributing Ramona citizens, three roofing contractors (Ramona Roofing, Schwaesdall Roofing, and a contractor from Del Mar), and with guidance from Ed Anderson (head of maintenance at RUSD) Рwe were able to help plug the leaks at the high school and middle school.

This is an on-going major maintenance project.

It was shared at the last community FORUS meeting on 12/17/14 that up until the budgetary crisis of 2008, RUSD had been spending $250,000 a year on roof preventative maintenance on all properties. That on-going maintenance stopped when the deferred maintenance fund was used redirected toward the budget shortfall.

This means that we have roofs across RUSD that are in need. This 2014 project was a big success to support some of the worst areas in need of help – and we need to continue those efforts in 2015.

FORUS is working closely with Ed Anderson in order to identify the problems that need to be addressed first.

The Roof Project was the largest success for the FORUS group last year, and we hope with the help of the community we can do even more in 2015.