The FORUS mission is to pursue funding and implementing projects that “improve the health and welfare of Ramona’s students and staff.” FORUS is volunteer-run, and 100% of the funds raised go directly to school maintenance projects.

FORUS operates through open communication with parents, teachers, RUSD board members, students, and local citizens. All are welcome to participate and become involved. There is no politics here, just action.

Here are the PROJECTS worked by FORUS members in the past year: (click on each to read the details)

  1. Vandal Proof Soap Dispensers and Faucets
  2. Roof Leaks
  3. AED Battery Replacement

As of the 12/17/14 FORUS open community meeting, the group has a current balance of approximately $2,700. The group is waiting to see what the RUSD Board decides to fund in their next budget in regards to deferred maintenance projects. FORUS will choose 2015 projects based on where we see gaps in the schools’ maintenance needs.

The last meeting highlighted the group’s current effort to try to secure a grant in order to pay for a new HVAC unit for the Ramona Elementary School cafeteria. We will not know the results of that application process for several more months.

Other needs brought up were on-going roof leaks and a desire to install electric hand dryers.

An upcoming fundraiser for FORUS on January 15, 2015 is the Cessna Memorial Golf Club Benefit Tournament. All profits will be donated to the FORUS general fund.