“Tips for Sips” Fundraiser (March 10th)

Would you take a drink from this water fountain?

RE-drinking fountain

Actually… in this case, you might not be able to even if you wanted to.

Yet this is the fountain on the Ramona Elementary playground that we expect our kids to use. And this is not the only fountain badly in need of repair or replacement at this and other elementary schools in our town.

“Tips for Sips”

Board member Perla Martinez was discussing the fountains when her son Josiah told her that he wanted to give the twenty dollars he was saving for a video game to the water fountain. He wanted to help get a new fountain at his school’s playground, where he’s a 3rd grader.

Josiah giving his twenty dollar bill donation to the FORUS members.

Josiah giving his twenty dollar bill donation to the FORUS members.

Inspired by her son’s generous heart, she wanted to give in her own way also.

On Tuesday March 10th, is the “Tips for Sips” fundraiser at Nuevo Grill (1413 Main Street). Perla is a server there, and from 3pm-8:30pm she will be donating 100% of her tips toward the water fountains at Ramona Elementary. Please request Perla if you would like your tip to go toward the fundraiser. The owner of Nuevo Grill, Sandy Narde, will also be contributing toward the day’s donations. FORUS will also have a table outside if anyone would like to stop and donate during those hours.

Josiah and his brother helping with fundraising jars.

Josiah and his brother helping with the fundraising effort

FORUS has accepted this as one of our school projects for 2015. We will work to repair or replace drinking fountains at Ramona Elementary, and will work to do the same at other elementary schools in need.

New drinking fountain.

New drinking fountain example.

How can you help with the “Tips for Sips” Project?

1) Join us at Nuevo Grill on Tuesday, March 10th to enjoy some tacos, and tip your donation. (Or drop by and contribute if you do not have time to enjoy the great food and drink at Nuevo Grill.)

2) Send in your donation to FORUS, and note “Tips for Sips” on your check. (Donations can be made out to FORUS, and mailed to 425-A 10th Street.) FORUS is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible.

3) If you a company or community organization that wants to help in a more substantial way, we are looking for partners who can purchase fountains to help enhance our own efforts. Please send us a message from our CONTACT US page.

How can you help with other FORUS projects?

INFORMATION. Our group’s goals are to help with deferred maintenance projects that impact the health and safety of our schools, their students, and their staff. We need to know what needs to be fixed, replaced, or addressed. We do not have a million dollar budget, but we do have the drive and determination to help get important smaller projects done. Please let us know what your school needs, and if we cannot fix it directly, we may be able to connect you with other organizations/companies that can get the project done.

PARTICIPATION. Our group is based entirely on volunteer work. 100% of donations coming to FORUS go directly to school projects, and 100% of labor/time given by volunteers, and administration costs, are at the cost of the volunteers. If you have time or talent to contribute to any FORUS projects, we welcome the help. We meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 6pm-7pm at Olive Peirce Middle School in room A-3, and everyone is welcome.

COMMUNICATION. Our group’s success is built on word of mouth marketing, so please help us spread the word about our fundraisers and projects. We have a great town full of people who want to help the schools, and FORUS may be a way that they can give directly to projects that make an immediate impact.

We hope to see you at Nuevo Grill on March 10th!

– The FORUS Team

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