FORUS 2014 Success… and 2015 Focus.

We want to thank everyone who came to take part in the community “Meet with FORUS” gathering at Olive Peirce Middle School.

This was an opportunity to share the projects implemented in the past year, and to discuss where the focus in 2015 should be in terms of helping with school maintenance needs.

FORUS is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization comprised of local citizens who want to help fill the gaps in our schools’ deferred maintenance needs. With the failure of school bond efforts in the past two years, this organization’s mission is even more important to the cause.

100% of FORUS fundraising goes to school projects.

100% of FORUS fundraising goes to school projects.

100% of funds raised for FORUS are dedicated toward these projects. All expenses incurred by the organization are paid by volunteers out-of-pocket, and volunteer participation is not paid, so that we are able to give every cent to these school projects.


  • Vandal-proof soap dispensers for High School & Middle School ($4,545.28)
  • Faucets for High School & Middle School ($1,426.00)
  • Replacement AED Batteries for High School ($500.00)
  • Roof repair, materials and labor, for High School & Middle School ($9,280.00)

During this period tens of thousands of volunteer unpaid labor and expertise hours were added to these hard dollars in order to implement these projects.

pix of the installer

Plumber Greg Chick donated his labor and materials to install vandal-proof soap dispensers at Ramona schools.

And there is much more we want to achieve.


  • Ramona Elementary Cafeteria HVAC unit – (FORUS is currently pursuing a grant to fund this specific project, so we are not collecting money specifically for this project at this time. We will know if the grant has been awarded for this in several months.)
  • Electric hand dryers for High School & Middle School (initial trial $500, and overall cost $5,000-$7,000)

The RUSD board has been presented a list of deferred maintenance priorities from their maintenance supervisor in order to determine where RUSD budget dollars will be dedicated in the coming 3 years. This is the list presented at that meeting last week of what the maintenance team is recommending as the highest priorities:

Deferred maintenance prioritization 2014-2016

Deferred maintenance recommended priorities for 2014-2016

Deferred maintenance recommended priorities for 2016-2017

Deferred maintenance recommended priorities for 2016-2017

FORUS will wait to see what the RUSD board dedicates their budget dollars toward, and we will help fill in the gaps on those areas that directly affect health, safety, and environmental needs of students and staff.

Though the community of Ramona was split down the middle on supporting and not supporting the last Q school bond measure – everyone was in agreement that they wanted to HELP our town’s schools. The disagreement was in the way that help was to be given, and not on the idea of helping. Everyone in Ramona knows schools are important, and providing the best schools for our kids (and teachers) is important.

FORUS allows the opportunity for EVERYONE to help fund and implement specific needed school maintenance projects, and literally see their contributions of money, time, and expertise translate into immediate RESULTS.

All actions are transparent. All transactions are accountable. And everyone is welcomed to participate in the projects. (We would LOVE your help!)


Please join the effort of the Friends Of Ramona Unified Schools in one of 3 ways:

  1. DONATE: Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to FORUS, 425-A 10th Street, Ramona CA 92065. You can also look for FORUS Fundraising Events in the community to participate in. (Our next event: Cessna Memorial FORUS Golf Tournament, January 15, 2015 at Mt. Woodson. Details at 760-789-6823)
  2. VOLUNTEER: FORUS is always looking for new volunteers to donate their time, or their expertise, to our cause. All ages and talents are welcome. Watch our calendar of events for upcoming meetings, and message us on our CONTACT US page.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD: This is a new group that has made a BIG impact in a very short amount of time, and that is because of the great people involved in helping to spread the word. If you do not have funds to donate, or time to donate, then please help us by spreading FORUS news for us in your circles of friends. And if there are school needs you are aware of, please let FORUS members know. Find “Ramona FORUS” on Facebook if you would like real-time updates.

Thank you again to everyone who is helping us to help our schools.



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  1. Wow! I am so glad to know there are people helping our schools. We would be glad to help any way we can, please add us to your email list.

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